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Available Courses

  • GameStart

      You are the Commander Of Space Shuttle Mission STS-2020 to Space Station Freedom.
    You have to dock the Shuttle to the Space Station.  While working outside the Shuttle, one of your crew's jet pack fails to work and he is drifting out into space.  An Alien spaceship appears and is trying to capture your crew member.
    You must destroy the alien spaceship and rescue your crew member.
    You only have 3 missiles and the Alien spaceship is fast.
    Score:  10 points for docking the shuttle. 5 points for hitting the Alien spaceship. -5 if you miss
    To Win:  You have to destroy the Alien spaceship and rescue the astronaut.

  • Scratch


  • Geometry

    Required Text: Saxon Geometry

    Overview: Geometry concepts and algebra review

  • Algebra 2

    Required Text: Saxon Algebra 2

    Prerequisites - Algebra 1

    This course has computer-graded Problem Sets and Weekly Quizzes.

  • Saxon Algebra 1


    Age: high School Students (or advanced middle school)

    Friday is needed at home for student to complete the weekly quiz.

    You must have the Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd edition text or student workbook
    Students must have a thorough working knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals.

    • Live Lectures; Recorded Lectures also available
    • Computer-Scored Problem Sets
    • Computer-scored weekly tests
    • Topics covered include sets, absolute value, arithmetic of positive and negative numbers, the distributive property, the associative property, the commutative property, exponents, word problems, inequalities, solving for the unknown, range, median, mean, and mode, polynomials, basic Cartesian graphing, equations of lines and curves, scientific notation, and basic geometry, including definitions, calculation of area, and calculation of volume.

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